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Tiffany Jo Baker is a caffeinated mom of two teen girls, surrogate mom who has carried five babies for three families dealing with infertility and wife of 21+ years to an extreme outdoorsman. She is a certified life, relationship and corporate communication coach with a Masters Degree in Professional Counseling and over 20 years of marriage and family ministry experience. As a speaker, strategizer, podcast host and right hand woman for leaders, online entrepreneurs, Christian communicators and women with a WHY, she has been used from the breakfast table to the boardroom, uplifting their soul and success and helping them birth their God-given dreams.


A message from Tiffany


"I believe life is a gift we have all been given. My life journey and most valuable training has come from being a failure, an over-comer, a success, a parent, a friend, a sibling, a daughter, a wife, a surrogate, a student, a co-worker, a volunteer, an employee, a mentor, a leader and a dreamer! Each and every person has a unique purpose and potential in life and I love to help others on the path to their promise. I would consider it an honor to partner with you on your journey and be a small piece of the puzzle in helping YOU birth your dream, whatever the dream may be!"


What those close to Tiffany would say about her:


-My husband would say I’m spunky, a woman always on a mission except when binging Netflix or on vacation
-My kids might say I’m extra… I love to laugh and make my point and parent in creative ways
-My parents would say I was a handful and they are thankful for God’s faithfulness in our lives
-My clients might say that I am a “what matters most and all-in” type of girl, I generally don’t get stuck in the weeds of details or distractions
-My friends would say that I’m funny, a risk-taker at times, more strategic than spontaneous, and like to try new things once
-I would say that I’m a quirky, very real and raw everyday girl with big dreams and an even bigger God.

Education, Family, Life
& Experience

Tiffany Jo Baker is a 3x Surrogate, Speaker and Strategizer. Her Coaching Certifications and Masters Degree in Professional Counseling have allowed her to be used from the breakfast table to the boardroom to coach women, couples, entrepreneurs and ministry leaders in dream chasing, goal-getting and marriage and family matters since 2010. 

She has been married for over 21 years to her best friend and the love of her life Brian, an avid outdoorsman, and together they never taken for granted the blessings of their two daughters, Trinity & Selah (ages 18 & 16), who are amazing young ladies that keep them forever on their toes.  They have two fur-babies, a Puggle named Zoe (50% Pug, 50% Beagle and 100% mess) and a smart and spunky Jug puppy named Zia (50% Pug and 50% Jack Russel Terrier - we think;).

She has had the amazing honor  and experience of being a Surrogate (a.k.a gestational carrier) for three families. While walking the path to their promise, she has carried two sets of twins and in 2017 gave birth to her 5th surrogate baby. (Yes, they often have a lot of hormones going on in their house!)

​Her previous experiences include being a Parent Trainer, Director of Administration, Marketing & Events of a multi-million dollar non-profit organization, Director of Communications for a national wholesale skin and hair care company, and wife of a Marriage & Family Pastor at a DFW mega church where she was instrumental in mentoring, creating curriculum, organizing events and speaking to parents, couples and large audiences about marriage and family matters. She enjoys the online community and adding her flair to her social media accounts, All the Things TV video podcast and bloglings (her word for short + sweet blogs).

She loves being a wife, mom, dog mom and surrogate and also enjoys trying things once, traveling, bargain hunting, city and country life, eating french fries, creating things (especially memories), decorating and laughing!

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