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 Certified Relationship 

 Communications Trainer 

When differences become frustrating, instead of inspiring...​

Have you ever sent a text that was taken the wrong way? (Umm, yes!)

​What about a time that you tried to share your heart, but ended up sticking your foot in your mouth? (Sadly, true too!)

When was the last time you didn't speak up because you were afraid of how it would be taken or didn't think it would make a difference anyways? (hmm, too many to count!)

The reality is when it comes to communication and connection, there are three parts that have to be right in order for a successful encounter:

  1. The intent of the message.

  2. The message that is shared.

  3. How the message is received.

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We are all different. We have different gifts, personalities, experiences and filters. When we come to a board-room or breakfast table, we bring our stuff with us. We see and hear things being said and done based on our uniqueness, priorities and what matters most to us as individuals.

As a Relationship Communication Coach I help improve the relationship, communication and effectiveness of couples and co-workers by helping you:

Understand how you are uniquely wired and take on the ups and downs of life.

Make the best decisions together and how to work together effectively utilizing each others strengths.

Identify your strengths and an action plan for areas that need to be tweaked in a relationship.

Navigate the ups and downs of life with someone different than you.

Mindset shift: Take the frustration out of the differences of how "they" do or don't do things.

Identify early on when self or spouse is getting unhealthy emotionally and how to help yourself and significant other get healthy again.

In short, my sessions and workshops focus on the ABC's of relationships and communication:

Awareness of the communication styles (how you are and those around you)

Be healthy in how you operate

Communicate well


Get rolling on better communication.

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