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The Guest Podcasting Workshop gives you the platform perks AND how-to’s of pursuing podcasts to get booked and share your message and mission.

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With over 850,000 active podcasts and 60% of podcast listeners making purchases from ads and information heard on episodes, this simple training bundle is perfect for ministry leaders, online entrepreneurs, and Christian authors and speakers who want to utilize guest podcasting to help share their message or mission.

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The Guest Podcasting Workshop gives you the tips and template you need to:

  • Feel confident to create podcast pitch emails that stand out and get you booked

  • Be equipped to be the best guest ever (so that they invite you back and refer you to other podcasters)

  • Utilize the simple strategy to make the most of guest podcasting opportunities to build your business and grow your platform

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Do you see the gap between where you are and where you want to be in your business or ministry?

Have you heard about the benefits of being a guest on podcasts, but feel overwhelmed with all of the unknowns?

Do you feel unsure about how to pitch podcasts or unequipped for the actual interview?

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What people are saying...

"If you want to be an amazing podcast guest, Tiffany Jo Baker’s class is a must. She helped me establish a solid foundation of how to prepare an engaging, transformational message. I’ve now been a podcast guest 15 times and counting and I owe much of this success to her guidance."


- Jennifer Elwood, Author

"Thank you again for the LIVE workshop!  I came in halfway through, but even what I came in on was worth the price of admission."


- Stephanie (re: LIVE version of workshop)

This 32-minute video workshop and podcast pitch template takes the guesswork and overwhelm out of guest podcasting to give you a streamlined step-by-step
simple strategy.

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Tiffany Jo Baker

As a podcaster, podcast team lead, producer, and online ministry and business coach, I am behind the scenes of five podcasts (one of which has over 2 million downloads) and have had more than four years of podcast experience. I’ve received hundreds of pitches (maybe even 1000+), been a guest on dozens of podcasts and worked with hundreds of guests. Utilizing what I've learned from the best-of and worst-of submissions and experiences, I created The Guest Podcasting Workshop to help YOU guest podcast well, get booked and build your business!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I receive this product?: You will receive the links to The Guest Podcasting Workshop + Worksheet after you purchase in the "Thank You Page" as well as via email.

This workshop is amazing. Can I share it with a friend?: Thank you for wanting to get this out to more people! Please share the link to purchase. No part of the workshop or worksheet can be reproduced or shared without permission from Tiffany Jo Baker LLC.


What do I do if I want more help with pitching podcasts? I can help! I love to do strategy sessions for guest podcasting. You can schedule your session here.

I have a question: Email me at


Is there a money back guarantee?: If you aren’t fully satisfied with the simplicity and benefits of this product, please contact within seven days of purchase for a full refund.

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