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Refresh and Refocus in Five Minutes a Day

A 31 Day Devotional for Go-Getters
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When was the last time you felt refreshed or focused despite your ever-growing ideas and to-do list?


Sometimes I dream of these moments. Usually it involves me on a tropical beach or hiking up a mountain.

Then I wake up.

Maybe you can relate.

Your ideas are many and your life is full. You have purpose, plans and projects, but there is so much to do and so little time.

You know the dream is real, but so is the struggle.


Friend, it’s time for a powerful pause and it can happen from the oh-so exotic location of your bed, office or kitchen.

In this 31-day devotional, relatable stories and bite-sized nuggets of wisdom will help you refresh in God’s presence and refocus on His proven and tested ways of doing things.

Find peace and purpose in the morning moments with God to jump-start your day and get the right perspective before you tackle your to-dos.


"In all your giving and getting, get filled first."

Designed for women with full lives and plates, this devotional provides 31 days of relatable stories, bite-sized nuggets of biblical wisdom, takeaway journal sections and declarative prayers that provide peace and purpose in the morning moments with God. Each entry will jump-start your day with the right perspective before you jump into your big ideas, mundane moments and checking off your to-do list.

This devotional makes the perfect gift for the goal-getters, multifaceted mamas, entrepreneurs, college students and ministry leaders in your life.

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What Matters Most
To-Do List + Goal Guide

What Matters Most Worksheet and Instruct

Scriptures for


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Tiffany Jo Baker

Tiffany Jo Baker is a caffeinated mom of two teen girls, surrogate mom who has carried five babies for three families dealing with infertility and wife of 21+ years to an extreme outdoorsman. She is a speaker, strategist, podcast host and right-hand woman for leaders, Christian communicators and women with a why. With over 20 years of ministry experience, a Masters Degree in Professional Counseling and multiple coaching certifications, Tiffany has been used from the breakfast table to the boardroom, uplifting the soul and success of families, solopreneurs and organizations and helping them birth their God-given dreams.

What the People are Saying

Image by Thomas Verbruggen

Colleen Swindoll-Thompson,

Director of Reframing Ministries (A Division of Insight for Living)

“This devotional will undoubtedly feed and fortify your soul. Tiffany’s words reveal the magnificent substance of her soul, a beautiful blend of selfless humility, inner tenacity, and unwavering consistency.  As a result of nourishing her soul, she is able to help others view every day experiences as opportunities for transformation. If you desire optimal soul health, this is a spiritual staple…Enjoy!”


Michele Cushatt,

author of Relentless: The Unshakeable Presence of a God Who Never Leaves

“There are days when what I need most is a quick word of encouragement from a trusted friend, someone who gets my reality and has a little wisdom and sanity to offer in the middle of my crazy schedule. The Go-Getter Devotional is just such a resource, and Tiffany Jo Baker the needed voice to pen it. Not only does she understand my day-to-day responsibilities, she also knows how to care for my soul. If you need a long drink of water, this devotional will provide it.”


Sarah Birkbeck,

Founder of Refresh

“Tiffany’s devotional will inspire you to live beyond yourself and embrace the wild journey along the way. These daily encouragements will stir your faith and propel you forward in all that God has called you to do!”

Group Bundle

Go-Getter Group Bundle Packs

Are you part of a group or team that believes in the power of investing in your soul and success? Maybe you are creatives, entrepreneurs, network marketing mamas, ministry leaders or a small group of women at church that would benefit from doing this devotional together.

Get a group bundle pack! Each bundle includes:

1. 8 Soul-Care for Go-Getters 31 Day Devotional paperback books 

2. Refresh+Bloom printable hand-drawn coloring pages

3. Scriptures for Go-Getters printable 


4. Powerful Pause Praise+Worship Spotify Playlist 


5. What Matters Most To-Do List Guide Printable 


6. 1 set of Purposeful Project Binder Tabs and Go-Girl Adulting Stickers (great to use for group giveaway)

Cost $97 (valued at over $185)

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Upgrade Your Bundle!


Add a workshop or speaking event with Tiffany via zoom with your go-getter group to hear one of her most requested speaking topics that include:

"How to Keep Your Eye on the Prize (without Losing your Man, Mind or Mission)"

"Leverage Your Writing and Find Your Voice on Social Media," or

"Marriage Relationship Goals: Becoming a Dream Team Instead of Just Roommates"


Or pick another favorite from the list from her Speaker's page. 

add $97 to Group Bundle for upgrade to = $194


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Join Tiffany's free "Soul-Care for Go-Getters + Multifaceted Mamas" Facebook Group. Home of the Word+Worship before Work: Powerful Pause Challenge.

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