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Tiffany is kind of famous for
dropping the mic.

First things first. What you must know about me...


Your event is a big deal to me. Anytime God draws a group of people together (large or small) He has big plans in store. Prayer is a big part of my preparation and I love to stick around after the event to love on, listen to, and pray for those who God has gathered for a purpose.


I know that a successful event begins long before the day of the event. One role I have had the pleasure of holding in my life is Director of Marketing and Events at a large church, so communication and ease of working with you as the event planner, is super important to me.


I get bored easily, just like many of your guests. My main goal is to entertain, encourage, and equip your attendees, leaving them wanting more. More of God, more of His word, more joy in life, more of His ways, and more of the awe-some stuff that He has in store for them.


Here's more about me and what I can do for you...

I am an everyday girl with lots of random experiences that God has somehow rolled together into a beautiful message of hope through heartache that may have you laughing and crying all at the same time. I love to weave practical wisdom and the Word of God into real world wacky experiences that leave your audience inspired and equipped to birth their dreams. I may even drop the mic.

I tailor my message to fit your audience. I love speaking at events such as Women's Conferences, Retreats, Infertility Conferences, MOPS Meetings, Professional/Business Groups and more. I also really enjoy being a part of Panel Discussions, Luncheons and Infertility/Surrogacy Workshops.

My messages include stories of being a 3x Surrogate, carrying five children for three families dealing with Infertility as well as the difficult path my husband and I have traveled to birth own dreams. God continually uses me as a coach, confidante and cheerleader for women with a why who are walking out what God has called and created them to do. So whatever your life dreams may be, whether it's a baby, business, book, or "bae," I pray our time together will increase your faith, give you a path to follow and help propel you into your future.



I have listed some of my favorite topics and a brief description below. Most can be tailored to fit a wide variety of needs and custom topics may be available. Contact me with any questions you may have.

Image by Humphrey Muleba

How to Keep Your Eye on the Prize
(without losing your man, your mind or your mission).

For the goal-getters, ministry leaders, entrepreneurs and ladies that like to do "all the things"... a message on how to prioritize, focus and find fulfillment in what you do, while letting go of the things you aren't supposed to be doing. Practical and Biblical solutions for avoiding overwhelm and staying balanced, so you can actively pursue your purpose for the long-term without burn-out and sacrificing what matters most. 

Image by Stephanie Harvey

Nourish & Flourish:
Made to Make a Difference

A message  to strengthen your purpose and build your faith to know that you were created with surprising, yet significant gifts designed to nourish others and have you flourish in the process. Utilizing personal stories, biblical illustrations and examples from God's creation, this message will give you hope that even though you may be in a dry place, it is never to late (or early) to bloom.

Image by Jeremy Yap

Target, Starbucks and Detours Ahead
(joy is your secret weapon)

I bet your life, or at least seasons of your life look incredibly different than you ever imagined! I know mine does. A message for navigating life's twists, turns and road blocks with purpose, peace and don't forget the double-shot espresso. In this message I share how God wants to fuel and fill your life with joy (and a life of joy is probably different than you ever thought).

Couple on a Run

#Marriage Goals: Becoming a Dream Team (instead of just roommates)

We jump into married life with so many expectations of how amazing life is going to be. Then real life hits; bills, laundry, and different ways of doing things and seeing things (like loading the dishwasher, squeezing a tube of toothpaste, parenting, and work ethic). If we aren't careful we can let our differences become our biggest frustrations. Learn how to get on the same page and the same team so you can move forward together to love your life, live your dreams, and leave a legacy.

Boxing Gloves

Blessed in the Battle:
Using Your Words as Weapons

Do you ever feel like you are in a battle for your family, your faith and the full life that Jesus paid the price for on the cross? In this breakthrough session we will break down one of the most underutilized weapons of our faith; our words. Learn how women in the Bible used their words to empower their everyday life and bring victory in the midst of spiritual warfare, so you can experience blessing in the battle too!

Business, Professional Groups & Workshops

These topics are specific for your professional events and teams. All of the topics above can also be tailored for your event. Contact me anytime to discuss options for your event.

Working Smarter: Creative Solutions to Shrink the Gap between Your Goal + the Win

You've already got most of what you need to do what God has called you to do this year. Through mindset tweaks, busting through overwhelm, narrowing focus, and identifying and utilizing your resources creatively, we will shrink the gap and get you closer to meeting your goals!

Leverage Your Writing and Find Your Voice on Social Media


How to take what you've already written and share your unique message on social media in a way that connects and grows your community. A workshop designed to teach writers how to leverage their writing and social media in simple time-saving ways.

The Platform Perks and How-To's of Pursuing Podcasts to Share Your Message

Tips and templates on how to create a guest podcast pitch, serve the podcast audience, be the best guest ever, and grow your platform through podcasts.​

Infertility/TTC Specific Messages:

*A number of the messages above also work extremely well with a TTC/Infertility focus.

How to Have a Baby Without Losing Your Man or Mind
"I wish we would've...," "I got the baby, but lost my husband...," "I feel/felt so alone...." It breaks my heart to hear these things from couples who are or who had been trying to conceive. So much of the path to parenthood is out of your control, but there are things you can do. Have your "aha moment" while learning these select keys to a strong marriage and a smooth journey while trying to conceive and grow your family.


Nicole Clark
Founder, Twelve 12 Ministries

Tiffany Jo Baker is a phenomenal speaker. She is brilliant, funny and extremely knowledgeable. Her message was relatable, informative and presented in a way everyone could comprehend. Tiffany's bright personality shines through when presenting and she is definitely a class act. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed Tiffany and weeks later I am still receiving comments on how wonderful she was as our guest speaker. We can't wait to have her back at our next Refined event!

Sheila Walls
Founder of Faith Empowered Women, co-Pastor of Life Community Church

Tiffany Jo Baker was a speaker at our recent Women’s Conference. Wow!! She is an engaging speaker who uniquely touches hearts while addressing extremely sensitive issues. Her approach is practical, funny, and oh so inspirational! Her message seems to resonate with people in a meaningful way. Our attendees are still talking about the 3 sources of conflict!!! I highly recommend Tiffany for your next conference, seminar, workshop, or gathering!

Dr. Brian V. Bradford
Lead Pastor, Rocket City Church

The Baker’s are the ideal one-two punch! Tiffany is genuine, sharp, and witty. Brian is relatable, attentive, and intentional. Together, they make a dynamic couple that we can’t wait to have back at future marriage events. Book them today, and you’ll be glad you did tomorrow!

Jana Michaelsen
Pastor of Women’s Ministry

(Christ Community Church)

Tiffany Jo is a personable speaker with a heart bigger than the state of Texas. She shares about how God has grown her through marriage, child-rearing, and surrogacy. She also isn't afraid to interact and spend one on one time with someone. One woman praised her authenticity by saying "Tiffany's big smile is the same on stage as it is off." Tiffany is definitely an up and coming speaker.

Kassey G.
MOPS Speaker Coordinator/Co-Leader Ash Creek Baptist Church

Tiffany was such a blessing to our group.  She was great to work and plan with prior to our meeting, arrived early to set up and hangout with our group and then gave a phenomenal message on marriage.  All of our mamas I talked to really enjoyed her message, as well as funny stories.  She is incredibly sweet and encouraging and gave us a great deal to discuss and think about.  I would highly recommend her to any group of women, or couples.  I am looking forward to checking out the rest of her digital content.  What a fabulous woman of God and role model.

Mindy Kiker

 FlourishWriters Co-Founder

If you want a communicator who is engaging, relatable, and inspiring, Tiffany Jo Baker is your girl. She connects with participants heart-to-heart, providing content rich with guidance and actionable takeaways. To illustrate her teaching points, Tiffany relates personal stories with empathy and humor. Even in an after-lunch session, the energy of the room is fully engaged in the journey with this spirited teacher from Texas. We highly recommend Tiffany Jo Baker as a speaker at your next in-person or online event.

You can find my Statement of Faith by clicking here.

Speaking Schedule

2024 Speaking Schedule

  • Red House Writers Collective - February

  • Package Your Genius Virtual Summit - March

  • FBRC Women's Conference - Royse City, TX - March

  • FBC Women's Retreat - San Marcos, TX - March

  • Just Breathe Women's Conference, Destiny Church - Fort Worth, TX - May

  • Blessed Moms Show Summit - May

  • Flourish Writers Academy - quarterly

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