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 Certified Corporate 

 Communications Trainer 

When differences become frustrating, instead of inspiring...​

Have you ever sent a text or email that was taken the wrong way? (Umm, yes!)

​What about a time that you tried to share your heart, but ended up sticking your foot in your mouth? (Sadly, true too!)

Ever presented a plan, left the meeting on cloud nine only to have team members wander in confusion about what was happening next? (Are you reading my email?)

How often have you sent a work memo about the yearly inter-office policy reminders only to have three employees in tears and walking on egg shells because they thought you were singling them out? (hand-raised over here!)

When was the last time you didn't speak up because you were afraid of how it would be taken or didn't think it would make a difference anyways? (hmm, too many to count!)

The reality is when it comes to communication and connection, there are three parts that have to be right in order for a successful encounter:

  1. The intent of the message.

  2. The message that is shared.

  3. How the message is received.

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We are all different. We have different gifts, personalities, experiences and filters. When we come to a board-room or breakfast table, we bring our stuff with us. We see and hear things being said and done based on our uniqueness, priorities, and what matters most to us as individuals.

If you like the Enneagram, you will LOVE the Life Languages Communication IQ System. It answers the "what next" question and gives practical steps to working with diverse people and dealing with yourself and others who may be operating in an unhealthy way. This profile has been used in governments, organizations and churches for over 40 years world-wide. It is research and biblically based and I have been a Life Languages Certified Communication Coach and Trainer for over 10 years. I have been blessed to see the transformation first-hand when used with couples, small businesses and large organizations.


As a Communication Coach and Trainer I help improve the relationship, communication and effectiveness of leaders, teams and co-workers by helping you:

Understand how you are uniquely wired and take on the ups and downs of life.

Identify your strengths and an action plan for areas that need to be tweaked in a relationship.

Mindset shift: Take the frustration out of the differences of how "they" do or don't do things.

Make the best team decisions together and how to work together effectively utilizing each others strengths.

Navigate the ups and downs of work life with someone different than you.

Identify early on when you're getting unhealthy emotionally and how to help yourself get healthy again.

Make sure you have the right person for the job.

In short, my sessions and workshops focus on the ABC's of relationships and communication:

Awareness of the communication styles (how you are and those around you)

Be healthy in how you operate

Communicate well


Vontoba T.
President of UI Global Brands LLC

"Tiffany Baker has a talent for helping groups of people discover how their unique life languages intertwine and how people can better communicate in life and in business. Tiffany has the unique ability to be both creative and strategic at a high level, even under time constraints. Her leadership-focused coaching sessions are helpful for couples, business owners, and faith-based groups." 

Debbie B.
Non-Profit Organization Director
of Administration

"Tiffany Baker is a wonderful and thoughtful woman of God. She is a great example and listener as she leans in to read between the lines of what people are saying and not-saying as she coaches, leads and counsels. Many seek her out often for wisdom and discernment, and also for her insight on matters regarding motherhood and families. I’m honored to call her a great friend and would highly recommend her services."

Shannon B.
Director | Proposal Services | Verint Customer Engagement Solutions

"Tiffany is more than a coach, she belongs to a rare and magical subset of that group – she is a mentor, counselor, life coach and friend wrapped into one. Her servant heart and desire to help others be better are truly what separates her.  Tiffany has a way of correcting you in love to where you walk away saying thank you.  She lives her life in a way that I chose to follow, she values relationships and her life proves that in how she does marriage, parenting, ministry and friendships. Her heart, education and experience make her a credible force for better. Tiffany is a gift!"


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