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Ever feel like real-life is stealing the F-U-N from your Life & Marriage?

Fun Challenge for Couples

Ever feel like real-life is stealing the fun from your life and marriage? I have just the thing to help relieve the stress, strain and overwhelm... some good old fashion fun with your spouse. This is the time to take a break from every day adulting and focus on fun. You remember fun, right? What you used to have with your spouse before crammed schedules and responsibilities robbed you of it. You don't even have to tell your spouse. Just surprise them with the fun side of you making an appearance again and get ready to make memories!

Join the Couples Fun Challenge! Don't worry... it will be simple and just what the doctor ordered.

Sign up for free below to BRING BACK THE FUN!

What You Get with the Couples Fun Challenge (delivered free to your inbox):

  • Simple & Creative Ideas (like 42 fun ideas, my fav double date activity, conversation starters and a selfie scavenger hunt)

  • Fun Challenges (do as much or as little as you like)

  • Worksheet to Plan Your Fun

  • Easy Instructions & Updates via 4 emails (1 per week)

  • A Reason to Focus on Fun in This Season

***If you want the fun without the time-frame, you can sign up anytime to do on your own. The official Couples Fun Challenge is over for the summer, but you can join anytime to get all the fun delivered to your inbox to do on your own or with some friends.***

Fun Questions? email Tiffany here.

​**To protect you and me, by signing up for the challenge you agree to the terms of serviceemail and this challenge**

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