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Don't Quit Survival Kit

Don't Quit Survival Kit

You may be in the middle of a mess, an all out fight.

Or you may be overwhelmed with never-ending options and a more than double-booked schedule.


Maybe you have an everyday dream (a good night sleep, a monthly date night, a friend to talk to) or maybe it's a daring dream (a published book, a baby, a wayward loved one to know Jesus).


Whatever the dream or desire, you have found yourself too often discouraged and detoured.


The enemy of your soul doesn't want you to be focused or fulfilled and will try his hardest to distract you in the middle of your faith leap.


This 17 page Don't Quit Survival Kit is full of printable resources to care for your soul, self and dream.


It will help you focus, prioritize and find joy along the journey so you continue to go for it and not quit!

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