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gifts and experiences. 

Thank you so much for your interest in guest posting for! YOU have been given gifts to help other people in their journey and I’m so glad you want to share your gifts and experiences with others here.
I would love for you to consider submitting a well-written, high quality, original article to be featured on my website and social media. This opportunity is open to current or aspiring writers, bloggers, and speakers as well as every-day go-getters with a message to share.
The goal is to help women with practical and faith-based encouragement and steps to love their life, live their dreams, and leave a legacy and am looking for pieces that line up with this mission.
Categories of Blog Posts that work well:




Please adhere to the following guidelines to increase the likelihood that your article will be used:

  • Choose a compelling title. Run your headline through a headline analyzer like or and make sure you receive a score of 70 or higher. If you need help tweaking your headline to get it at the right score, let me know. 

  • 1-2 sentence description for metadata.

  • Word Count: 800-1000 (max)

  • All grammar and spelling are correct (no typos). It helps to run your post through Grammarly prior to sending to me.

  • I prefer original articles (so does Google). If you have an amazing story or article you want to share, please tweak or update so that at least 25% is new.

  • Include a headshot, short bio and social media links with your submission. All links need to be accurate and not spammy.

  • Share with your online platform and community on the day it goes live. I will tag you on the original posts so you can easily share with your community.

  • I ask that you do not publish your submitted post on your own site, but that you link to Tiffany Jo Baker when referencing this specific work. It prevents duplicate content (which Google will flag), but also helps the cycle of traffic and sharing. 

Please contact me with any questions and to let me know you are interested. Email me at
Thank you for your consideration in sharing your gifts and experiences here and I hope to collaborate with you soon.


Birthing Dreams Together,

Tiffany Jo Baker MA, CLC

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