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Need a little pick-me up?

EVENT HAS ENDED FOR 2020. <<<There's nothing quite like coming home from the mall with a huge haul of designer clothes that you got on clearance! When you get items that you absolutely love (and have even had your eye on) for next to nothing, you can't help but have some extra pep in your step and walk around confident in your super cute outfit that you practically stole off the rack!


That's just what this giveaway event is for online entrepreneurs + multifaceted mamas!


Everyone who participates gets ALL the designer deals worth over $785 and you can say, in fact, that the price is so good, they were actually giving them away for free!

Fifteen faith-filled boss babes, creatives, coaches and mompreneurs have contributed valuable giveaways designed to accessorize, make-over and uplift your life and business from the inside-out with a haul worth over $785 for free and for everyone!

Lifestyle Lift and Business Boost goodies for everyone include:

  • Simple Strategy Guide to Slay all Your Goals

  • Unwinding Bundle: MP3 Instrumental songs + Adult Coloring Pages

  • 9 Ways to Go Live on Facebook Guide

  • 5 Lies Women Believe about Themselves Workbook

  • Latest issue of CEOMOM Magazine

  • The Brand Health Checklist (branding made simple)

  • Collaborations + Partnerships: Growing Together Workshop (video)

  • Keeping Your Smile When Life Happens 3-Day Devotional

  • Leadership + Spiritual Health Workshop (video)

  • Enneagram for Moms Cheat Sheet

  • Don't Quit Survival Kit

  • Better Selfies for Better Social Media (and Business)-video training

  • mini e-book: 13 Tips to a More Joyful Life

  • How to Create A Foundational Schedule to Conquer Overwhelm

  • and more...

Each goody is designed to uplift your soul and success from your home to your office!

Simply sign up in the box below to be a part of this one-of-a-kind event and you will automatically be directed to the web-page with all of the free goodies worth over $785! You can select as few or as many as you want, but we recommend you get all the goodies girl!

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