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Double blessing & circle of blessing

The day was finally here. The twins parents, brother, four grandparents, Aunt, Uncle and parents best friends all caravanned to the hospital from out of state for the birth of the twins on September 8, 2015. Before I went in for the c-section, we gathered in a circle and prayed together thanking God for the blessing of the twins and His hand to continue to be upon the delivery, the twins, me and this process.

I was wheeled into the operating room where, after getting my epidural, my husband Brian was soon standing by my head next to the anesthesiologist and the twins parents were waiting with expectation at the two baby stations prepared for the twins nearby. It was a full room with all of us, double staff for the twins, and two doctors with nurses assisting and an anesthesiologist taking care of me.

Baby girl was born a healthy 5 lb 3 oz and baby boy 6 lbs at 36 and 1/2 weeks. Words can’t describe when you hear the cries of your own children after giving birth to them. It is even harder to describe what it feels like when you hear the cries of the twins you carried as a surrogate. Since our girls are the most precious things in this world to us, imagine being a part of the process to help another family be able to have the same!

The nurses handed the twins to their parents and soon the parents brought them to me so I could see them too. They were perfect and I could tell the parents thought so as well. I couldn’t help but tear up at the amazingness of the situation. God is so good. The anesthesiologist, although very firm with others in how she kept order in the operating room, began to gently dry the tears from my face and whispered in my ear “This is a very special thing that you are doing”. God is faithful.

Double Blessing. This family had gone through 7 years of trying to have A second child…7 miscarriages, clinics, treatments, another surrogate, and more that no one probably even knows about…but God was showing His faithfulness and gave them TWO healthy babies.

This experience is also a blessing for me and my family. Being a surrogate is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever had the privilege of being a part of. Our family mission statement is “We are blessed to be a blessing and we will love and serve God by loving and serving people”. We took our blessings/gifts (great pregnancies, loving family, peaceful home) and blessed another family with them. Which in turn, blessed us right back…

…being a surrogate does more than create a double blessing for us, it creates a Circle of Blessing. I think this circle of blessing is how I know that I am operating in my gifting and calling; that I am fulfilling part of what I was put on the earth to do.

To put it simply, a Circle of Blessing is when you use the things God has blessed you with, to bless others, which in turn blesses you right back for being a blessing. That’s a lot of blessing!

My prayer for you is that you would find your circle of blessings. Psalms 115:14 “May the Lord richly bless both you and your children”.

Thank you for being a part of our second surrogate journey. Blessings, Tiffany Baker



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