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Father’s Day Weekend in hospital: My husband helps to make another man a father!

I may be the surrogate, but my husband is my MVP! Being a surrogate is a family thing. It’s not just me. It’s my amazing girls and my amazing husband. All of us working together to help make other families dreams come true. Surrogate baby girl Eleanor was born on June 15, 2017. She is healthy and beautiful and spending her first weekend at home from the hospital celebrating Father’s Day with her parents. She is our 5th surrogate baby that we have had the honor and pleasure of helping to bring into this world.

On this Father’s Day, I want to thank my husband and the rock of our family, Brian. Thank you for not only being a wonderful husband and father to our children, but for having a true heart of a father that helps to make other Father’s Day dreams come true. Thank you for spending your weekend at the hospital. Thank you for being my MVP and doing all you do to make dreams come true. Thank you for walking the road of IVF (giving me nightly shots), being my caretaker after procedures, working and caring for our girls when I can’t, making the best cheese quesadillas when I’m pregnant, cooking and getting things I crave, helping me out of bed, taking nightly walks in the heat, going to the store to get feminine products, dealing so well with times of abstinence, loving my hormonal laugh-cry pregnancy moments, and so much more!

Thank you for being our Rock. Tiffany Jo Baker



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