Funny things kids say

Many have asked what our girls think about me being a surrogate and carrying someone else’s babies. The first time I was a surrogate in 2010-2011 our girls were 4 and 6 years old. Early on in that surrogate pregnancy with the twins I sent their teachers an email to let them know what was happening in our family in case the girls said something. I found out from Selah’s preschool teacher that she had already told her “My mom is pregnant with someone else’s baby”! It’s a good thing I sent the email to clarify the situation:)

With this surrogate pregnancy the girls are now 9 and 11. They love being a part of this journey and we truly see this as a family ministry. We all play a role. Just this week our girls were able to meet the 7 year old brother of the twins I am currently carrying for the first time. It was very special. He gave our girls each flowers and a stuffed bear and thanked them for the gift of his brother and sister. He has been praying during his bedtime prayers to be a big brother for the past 4 years. What a special thing for God to answer his prayer with a double portion of blessing…2 siblings.

Tomorrow I will be 15 weeks pregnant. All 3 of us are healthy and doing well. God is good.

Matthew 21:16 “Do you hear what these people are saying?” Jesus told them, “Yes! Haven’t you ever read, ‘From the mouths of infants and nursing babies you have created praise’?”

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