Part of the process includes syncing up my body to the age and stage of the embryos of the Parents (known as the Intended Parents or IPs in the Surrogate world) to get ready for IVF. It is amazing what modern medicine can do. Hormones play a big role in getting my body ready to continue the life-giving process.

This means hormone shots, pills and inserts until about week 10 when my body naturally continues generating the right amount of hormones needed to sustain the pregnancy. This is where my husband Brian comes in and one of the reasons why I always say that he is the MVP of this process.

Brian gets to deal with me on hormone overload and is the person who actually gave me the night-time large 2 inch needle of progesterone in my gluteus MAXimus. Now, in my defense, I am normally not the sometimes stereo-typical emotional female. I always say that being on hormones makes me understand what our girls and other ladies can feel on a regular basis.

I find myself tearing up at touching texts, movies, worship at church, commercials, Christmas Make-a-wish segments on the radio and even for no good reason. It is a different feeling for me. My husband has said that he enjoys seeing me be more “human” because of my emotional displays and pregnancy brain during this process:)

I am currently 1 day shy of 14 weeks pregnant as a surrogate to a healthy boy and girl twins. God is good.

What is God preparing you for in this season? Ecclesiastes 3:1 “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the sun…”

Tiffany Baker

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