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Just being real… it is hard to be pregnant 5 times, including 2 sets of surrogate twins, and get back in shape. My body has been stretched farther and more times then I ever thought possible. Plus, since my 2nd set of surrogate twins, I have had Diastasis Recti… an ugly name for simply “Ab Separation”… which 100% of women have to some degree during 3rd trimester. The problem is that mine didn’t get better and I continued to have a “mummy tummy” after delivery. I had a pooch and looked pregnant because of the ab separation. Luckily, my sister in law told me about this quick & easy online program called MUTU (“Mummy Tummy”) System that works to strengthen the core, restore pelvic floor & build confidence after delivery.

The truth is men, children, and ladies that haven’t given birth can have Diastasis Recti too. It can result from poor posture and exercises done incorrectly or exercises or daily life that put unnecessary strain on the abs (traditional ab exercises are NOT good for ab separation). MUTU taught me how to have correct posture. I now sit, walk, & run correctly (not that you will see me running, LOL).

The program is a complete system… it deals with what you eat, how you move, & daily movement. From this program I have incorporated doing 1 set of exercises (15-20 min.) & a walk 5 times a week… and my ab separation has gone from 4 finger width (that’s how you measure it) to about 2 finger widths now.

​Right now, you can get 20% off the program until 23.59pm EST on Friday, Sept 8, 2017 HERE. Just use discount code: back2school. The cost is less than the cost of signing up & working out for 1 month at most gyms and you can use this online program FOREVER . I have been doing it since twin delivery in 2015, throughout surrogate baby pregnancy #5, and since beginning of August of this year (6 weeks post partum after delivery on June 15).

​Don’t get me wrong, my body is not where I want it to be YET, but my core feels strong and is improving every day because of the MUTU System. Again, this program is for anyone & everyone, not just ladies who have had babies!

​Don’t miss out on the sale! This is my first sponsored post & it is because I believe WHOLE-HEARTEDLY in the system to strengthen your core and maintain health. Sign up here & use discount code: back2school for 20% off.

​Pic of me in Colorado on family vacation 6 weeks after baby #7/#5 surrogate baby.

Getting better everyday, ​Tiffany Jo Baker



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