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Life as a surrogate: C-section tomorrow!

How does one prepare to birth a dream? Tomorrow is the scheduled c-section for baby girl…my third surrogate journey and fifth surrogate baby. (The last two journeys were twins/c-sections, so that is why I am having another c-section).

​Being a surrogate is an incredible experience…one that involves my spirit, soul, & body…so I have to prepare all three for tomorrow!

Preparing My Spirit: ​This is definitely a spiritual experience. I believe that being a surrogate is part of what I was created to be and do. I know I am not alone for God has been with me every step of the way. Being a part of birthing someone else’s dream is the most fulfilling thing I have done next to being a mom and wife. Spending time with God in reflection, praise, prayer, and thanksgiving help to prepare my spirit and increase my faith for what is to come tomorrow.

​Preparing My Soul: ​Our soul includes our mind, will & emotions. Normally I am a logical/cognitive person and not a very emotional person, but when pregnant or on hormones, that of course changes. I do this laugh-cry thing only when pregnant and my family loves it. I laugh so hard, then cry so hard and back and forth. They laugh with me. My husband constantly says, “I love pregnant Tiffany”. I’m apparently funnier and not as on top of things as normal and they love that! Building my spirit, helps my mind, will, and emotions to be peaceful, joyful, and faith-full for tomorrow. It will be a positively emotional experience with lots of tears and smiles…the culmination of 6+ years for baby girls parents of trying to get pregnant and the 1+ year that I have played a part in the journey. In that 1+ year, every decision me or my family has made has included the thought of baby girl and her parents. Change is coming. Preparing My Body: ​I have tried really hard to stay somewhat active during this pregnancy. Coming into this journey I was still 10lbs over my normal weight and working to improve the diastasis recti that I had after the last pregnancy and delivery. Since I stepped out in faith and stopped working outside the home in January, I have been able to focus on staying healthy during this pregnancy and having more energy for my family. Preparing my body also includes purchasing my 3 must have products after surrogate delivery ​(will blog on that later). It also involves me preparing my home, husband, and children for me to be at the hospital and recovering from the c-section. My sessions of nesting have helped with this….bills paid, husband mowing lawn tonight, scheduling my mom to come care for our girls and dog while my husband & I are at hospital, house cleaned (I’m 1 of those that like to come home from a vacation or any time away to house cleaned and lawn mowed), set up girls with summer study materials, all bedding washed, hospital bag & items staged to be ready to go and so on!

​Although I am a planner and have an idea on what to expect tomorrow based on my previous experiences, only God knows. I trust Him. He hasn’t failed us yet. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Blessings xoxo, ​Tiffany Jo Baker



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