Love fern

I am calling this our “LOVE FERN” (line from my fav movie)…the story… I saw this super large cactus in the lawn of a local mobile home that has a lot of “yard art” and that i pass everyday. I told Brian I wanted him to stop sometime and ask if it was for sale. Everyday for about a month I would see if it was still there on my way home from work. Each time I saw it still there I would think to myself “tomorrow “. Last week I was driving home and noticed it was gone.

I got excited and was 95% sure it would be waiting for me at home. I pulled down our street to see trinity & Selah in the chairs by the cactus. Brian stopped by the house to see if it was for sale. The lady that answered had recently moved in the home and inherited everything that was left in the yard. She was happy to sell it for a very reasonable price. The plant wouldn’t fit in brian’s jeep, so he asked a guy with an auto part store truck if he would transport them both.

He couldn’t so Brian went home and asked our neighbor who was happy to help! I am not much of a flower person, but I love cactus/succulents! My husband went above and beyond to meet a desire of my heart and I love what this Love Fern represents. God is the same way. He doesn’t forget what you have asked for and He is moved by your belief. God is love!

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