Surrogate Story Time

Here is a little glimpse into my life as a surrogate mom! Early in the pregnancy I will gift the parents of the baby (ies) I am carrying with a Hallmark Recordable Book. They get to record their voices reading the book to their baby and return it to me. Then, I get to have nightly story time with the surrogate baby, with the story read by their parents. We have all heard that babies in the womb can hear sounds and voices. To me, this is a great way to have the baby hear their parents voices every night before bed. Then at the hospital after delivery, I return the book to the parents for them to keep! My dog has come to love nightly story time too…as soon as she hears the music and words of the first page, she puts herself to bed in her cage (more of my puggle stories at @lifelessonswithzoe). + ​I am currently 36 weeks pregnant with surrogate baby #5. Baby girl and I are healthy. God is good!

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