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When A Diagnosis Wrecks Your World

I thought I was being Punk’d…

Surely Ashton Kutcher was about to jump out like he did on his prank TV show and let me know this was all a mean joke.

I didn’t know how to respond. I kept thinking, “why is the Doctor telling me all about epilepsy?”

A month earlier our youngest, Selah, seemingly out of nowhere, collapsed in my arms in a grand mal seizure with lips turning blue.

But I had prayed about it and was 110% sure the neurologist would review all the tests and let us know it was a fluke and she was great.

But that’s not what happened. The tests showed other seizure activity and she was diagnosed with epilepsy.

I was crushed.

I didn’t understand. I believed God’s promises. For years I tried to always do what was right. We had been in full time ministry, loving and serving God, by loving and serving people.

Plus we were in the middle of walking out our faith and being obedient to what the Lord was leading us to do next.

Four months earlier my husband had stepped down as a team pastor to pursue a dream that God put on his heart years ago.

During this season trial after trial, thing after thing kept trying to knock us down.

But this was the final straw. You don’t mess with our baby girl (11 yrs old at the time).

This crushing sent me humbly to the Father.

To a place where I was angry and vulnerable, then slowly reassured and restored.

I came out with greater awareness of God’s goodness in the valleys.

Of course, I still prefer the mountaintop experiences, but I am thankful for a God who never leaves us, or forsakes us in the pit.

He is a good Father.

The picture above is Selah’s medical bracelet. The front is inscribed with a healing declaration and her medical info on the back. This is our way to invite God into the process and mix our faith with her medicine, knowing God can heal however, whenever He wants.

We are believing and standing for complete healing and trusting God each step of the way.

If you are in a valley, feeling crushed by a diagnosis, divorce, disappointment or demotion, I want you to know that you aren’t alone. God is with you each step of the way. Invite Him into your journey.

If there is something you are believing for, a promise you are standing on, I would love to pray for you and agree with you in prayer! Just let me know!

You are not alone, Tiffany


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