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Hey there go-getter!


Is it time for a powerful pause?


Sometimes in all our getting, we forget to get filled first! Even though the "why" behind what we are doing is for God's glory, sometimes we get so task driven, that we skip the most important step. Designed for women with full lives and plates, The Powerful Pause 21 Day Challenge will help you get back in the habit of putting your time with God first!


This 21 day challenge takes place in my free and private Soul-Care for Go-Getters and Multifaceted Mamas Facebook Group. You can jump in anytime!


Since the live challenge is over, you can catch the 21 days via replay at your convenience in the group!  Once you join the challenge, simply go to the "Guide" tab in the Facebook group to find the 21 days of word + worship before work.


Each day I will share a current and powerful worship song full of God's Word and heart for us! We will listen to the song and I will unpack some truths and thoughts behind the Word, message and creation of that song and how it applies to your life today! As a gift for being a part of this challenge, you get the full Powerful Pause worship playlist with 21+ divinely curated selections for this season.


Let's come together to get refreshed and refocused in God's presence before we jump into our daily to-do list! Sign up on this page!

You will get a welcome email with the free powerful pause worship playlist and a link to the Facebook Group where all the fun happens. (Check your promotions or spam folder if you don't get the email in your inbox. If you have any problems, email me at hello@tiffanyjobaker dot com)

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