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Finding Peace on Your Path

Finding Peace on Your Path


A little word with a big result. There is no denying that PEACE IS PRICELESS. You never really know how true this is until you've lived a period of time without it. Are you tired of the emotional rollercoaster and ready for more peace? In this 4 week faith based mini-e-course you will learn how to apply the simple 3 step process that God gives us for having peace. Your life and journey will never be the same. 

In less than 10 minutes a day you can find more peace on your path in the privacy of your own home! Through a weekly workbook with exercises and lessons delivered to your inbox, this course will help you:

-Have peace despite life's ups and downs

-Trade in fear for faith

-Develop daily life-changing habits

-See your path positively

-Experience calm instead of overwhelm 

Invest in your journey. PEACE IS PRICELESS.

(make sure to look for the weekly emails in your Promotions folder...sometimes they like to hide there)


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  • *Bonus*

    *Bonus* During your 4 week e-course you will have unlimited email access to Tiffany Jo Baker (coach, confidante & cheerleader for those in the fight for their dreams). If you want to dig deeper or have a topic that is bigger than an email chain should go, you will receive a discount on one on one virtual coaching sessions during your e-course.

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