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Upcycle Write Online Toolbox + Training
  • Upcycle Write Online Toolbox + Training

    Toolbox + training for Christian writers who know it's time to build their brand and platform, repurpose what you've already written and get social media ready for a future book launch.


    Upcycle Write Online Toolbox + Training includes:

    1. Video Masterclass Workshop: Leverage Your Writing + Find Your Voice on Social Media featuring the 4 C's of writing and sharing on social media and The Extraction Method
    2. Fab + Pre-Fabbed Graphics (4 Canva templates; sized to work on both IG and FB)- with basic canva knowledge you can simply update these templates with your brand fonts, logo, colors and text to create 100's of branded graphics)
    3. Upcycle Write Worksheet (simple steps to leverage what you've already written into multiple forms of content for social media) 
    4. Branding in a Jiffy Worksheet


    BONUS: Content Cubicle (Social Media Calendar + Organization Template Trello Board)


    Terms **Training + Toolbox not to be reproduced or shared without permission of Tiffany Jo Baker LLC***

    • Toolbox + Training specs

      *You will receive the links to the Upcycle Write Online Toolbox + Training after you purchase in the "Thank You Page" as well as via email*

    $47.00 Regular Price
    $37.00Sale Price
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