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What do I do now?  Where do I start?

What Matters Most To-Do List + Goal Guide (1).png

Does this sound like you?... Are you confused or overwhelmed with all the options and opportunities in this season? 

Friend, I know you have so many dreams and desires that God has put on your heart, yet you already have a full life and a full plate. 

Let's bring more efficiency and strategy to your everyday to-do list!

The What Matters Most To-Do List + Goal Guide will help you identify your focus and priorities for your life in this season so you can be effective and fulfilled right where you are!


This is the exact process I take my coaching clients through, just made into an easy DIY printable version. 


Get the simple guide delivered straight to your inbox! Of course you can unsubscribe any time, but I hope you will stick around for the occasional fav tool, podcast episode and freebie from me to you!


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