1 thing to extinguish to excel

ex-tin-guish: to put an end to, to cause (fire or light) to cease to burn, to annihilate.

We all have things that we need to get rid of in our lives in order to move on, elevate, promote, or be successful. Today, you only need to pick 1. Pick 1 thing that you need to stop doing, It may be a feeling or thought you need to stop feeding, a habit you need to stop doing, something you need to stop buying, or a time wasting unproductive activity. It can be big or small, but pick 1 to focus on to stop doing.

It has been said that it takes 21 days to break a habit or form a new habit and 40 days for something to become a lifestyle. Although this is true for some things, others require more or even less… not necessarily more days, but the decision that “stopping is not an option”. When we have made an intentional decision and stick to it… then the amount of days doesn’t matter. That is what gets us through the hard times.

When you remove something from your life, you need to replace it. Today you need to decide 3 things: What do I need to STOP doing? What do I need to START doing? What do I need to CONTINUE doing? This is the STOP, START, & CONTINUE method. Replace the 1 thing you are stopping with the 1 thing you are starting to help you to continue to excel in your life! Then, identify what you are doing that is going well … and just keep it up and continue it!

A little progress each day brings big results!

Excelling each day, ​Tiffany Jo Baker

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