16 year dream fulfilled

God is faithful! He fulfills His promises, but the how, what, and when may look different than we thought. What promises has God given you that you are standing on? Today is my husband’s 40th Birthday! Today we not only celebrate him, but God blessing Brian with his dream job and a truck (more about this below).

In May of 2016 Brian quit his job to take a huge leap of faith to pursue a dream. It was an extremely difficult 7 months for our family, but grace-full 7 months. Just 2 months ago he started his dream job…finding and flipping large hunting properties and using the properties to refresh people and families in ministry through the great outdoors. His job includes a truck allowance.

This truck is a symbol of God’s faithfulness in providing the desires of our heart. Since we have been in Texas..almost 17 years…Brian has wanted a truck. We have always lived frugally and practically…so this meant cash cars for him and a family car/mini-van for me. He would research trucks throughout the years and the highlight of the Texas State Fair each year for him was the truck show and test driving them. He even would hitch a trailer to the back of the van to go hunting.

It would proudly carry a deer home and people would even take pics on the highway of our mini van hauling deer trailer:) I’m sure he’s prayed for a truck and I have prayed for the desires of my husband’s heart to be met. And God did it! This is just the beginning! Proverbs 13:12 “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life”. Don’t give up!

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