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3 Signs you are About to enter a new life season!

It is amazing how the process of pregnancy & delivery coincides with so much of life. Since I am only 2 weeks away from delivering surrogate baby #5 (a precious baby girl), my body has been giving clues that change is coming and I am about to enter a new life season! These signs have proven true not just before delivering a baby, but as I have entered each new stage in life…whether that be a new job, a move, a relationship, or a priority change!

​1. Cankles & Flinstone Feet: PRESSURE ​Towards the end of pregnancy many mothers begin to have swollen feet and ankles. These have come to be affectionately known by some as “cankles” (because your calves & ankles have swollen together to become 1 body part) and Fred Flinstone feet (puffy, large, and rectangle like the feet of the cartoon character). This sign of a change coming is known as PRESSURE. When everyday normal tasks start to result in pressure & stress on your mind or body, it can signify a change is coming. My husband and I have come to know this as “the Grace is lifting”…to us this is a sign that God is moving us in a different direction and the things that used to be normal and positive are now causing pressure and stress.

​2. Belly About to Bust: Walk & Talk Different ​At the end of pregnancy you begin to get uncomfortable. You wonder how much larger your belly can stretch or expand. After carrying two sets of surrogate twins, I have learned just how far my body can be stretched. At this stage of pregnancy things can become uncomfortable & even painful. This is similar to a sign that you may be entering a new season. You may walk different (or waddle), talk different (not as much oxygen with baby taking up lung space) and even sit and lay different. Your priorities become different (you usually will be resting more right before birth).

​3. Nesting: Energy for a New Thing ​Every mom (and dad) knows about the nesting periods of pregnancy. These are those time periods where we have a spike in energy and begin to organize, prepare, and get things ready for the new birth. Normally dads get an extra long “honey-do” list during these times. The nursery usually gets done during a nesting season! This is the third sign of a change coming and a new life season is about to start. You will find yourself energized for what is coming, excited at the possibilities. The thoughts and preparation for new season becomes energy producing and often the things of the current/previous season become energy demanding.

​Of course these signs can happen for other reasons…not just a new season, but when taken together, along with godly counsel, it could just mean that change is coming and you are about to enter a new life season!



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