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6 Small Steps to Move From Dreamer to Doer

How many notebooks and texts-to-yourself do you have full of good ideas?

And probably not just good ideas. Hidden in those pages are God ideas…those that came from time spent with Him, multiple confirmations and repetitive divine nudging.

But how many of those God ideas have you pursued?

Maybe it was an invention, book or start-up ministry or business.

Too many people never fulfill all the things that God has for them. They let insecurity or overwhelm keep them from starting. For those few that start, it’s the doubt and distractions that have to be combatted to continue with consistency.

The hills and valleys of our faith-walk and faith-leaps are legit, but so is the God who is with us.

My heart and hope is that you move from dreamer to doer. Here are a few small steps to help you start.

  1. Create the necessary space in your life. How much time can you free up? Is there something that you can stop doing so that you can start putting action to your ideas? Even 5 minutes a day adds up to 2.5 hours a month.

  2. Begin with baby steps. Immediately jumping into a new activity for 30 minutes can be overwhelming. Start with 5 minutes and add a little time each week. Getting started is frequently the most difficult task. Starting small is wise. This helps you build a habit.

  3. Generate reminders until you develop a habit. Even with the purest of intentions, it’s easy to forget something for a few days or let the detours of real life get you off track. After some time off, it’s easy to lose momentum and enthusiasm. Leave notes, signs, and any other type of reminder to ensure you remember to take small steps of action each day.

  4. Be aware of your dream thieves. What is trying to get in the way of taking action? Is it distractions around you or mindset and thoughts inside you? Make a list as they pop up, then next to each one come up with 1-3 ways to combat them. Maybe it is declaring scripture over you, a phone call to a friend who is your cheerleader, or time blocked out on your schedule to deal with a real obstacle.

  5. Celebrate your progress. I want to encourage you to have a ta-da list and not just a to-do list. A ta-da list will help you celebrate the things that you have done and are doing! It will help energize you for what is left on your to-do list later.

  6. Don't wait for perfect. If you wait until you have all the time, money, and energy to do the thing, you will probably never start. That’s why it takes a leap of faith to pursue a God dream.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

Friend, I am cheering you on.

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