When you don’t know what to do next…

So many people are stuck… Not sure whether to pivot or plow through the pandemic. This past week I met with a group ladies who started the year with a plan, a focus…. but then real life got in the way and they aren’t sure where to go from here. It is totally understandable… the stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders have thrown all of us for a loop, questioning everything… Wondering why it’s so hard to focus and do the things we were easily doing just a few weeks ago.

So I took one of the most common questions I get, “What do I do now?” and variations like, “I don’t know what to focus on,” and “I’m overwhelmed, confused and just surviving” and created a printable exercise and worksheet to help you get on track. This What Matters Most to Me Worksheet will help you identify your focus and priorities for your life and in this current season so you can be effective and fulfilled right where you are! This is the exact process I take my coaching clients through, just made into an easy DIY printable version. If you are already a subscriber, it’s in your inbox. If not, subscribers get instant access to it. Just sign up here.

Take some time to fill out. Then hang-up somewhere visible so that you can be reminded and directed daily.

Cheering you on, Tiffany Tiffany Jo Baker MA, CLC, CCC P.S. I would love to see and hear what matters most to you. Comment below or tag me on social media with a pic of your worksheet hanging in your work-space!

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