Be all in!

When coach puts you in the game, even for 60 seconds, BE ALL IN! . The last couple weekends have been our girls regional and state soccer competitions. We were blessed to have both girls on the same middle school team…Trinity has been playing for a few years, but this was Selah’s 1st year playing soccer and one of the youngest on team. . We are so proud of our girls. Their team got 2nd in state for their division! Trinity worked and played hard throughout the season, she was 1 of the starters and played most of the time! She is our consistent rock! Selah worked hard to learn the sport and skills and would be put in the game with other newbies once we had a comfortable lead! . Every time Selah was put in, even if just for a minute, she would BE ALL IN! She made those seconds count to show what she could do. She would warm up on the bench and was always ready if and when it was her time. . For 60 seconds she was put in one of the regional games…just in that short period of time she stopped it with her chest, hit a header, and kicked it down the field. . When it is your turn, when you are in the game, when you decide to do something…BE ALL IN! Don’t do life or things 1/2 way. Give it all you’ve got, even if it is only for 60 seconds. In the meantime, practice like it is for real!


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