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Daily Disciplines for spirit + soul + body!

I like lists. I also like to feel productive. I recently stopped working outside the home for the first time in over a decade to be a SAHM and finish out my third surrogate pregnancy. I had always heard that it may be more important to be home with kids during middle school & high school years than even the infant and toddler years…I now can see why (hormones, relationships, drama, education, life decisions…shall I go on?)

​To help me stay productive while at home, I created this Daily Disciplines list. I strive to hit it during the weekdays since our weekends are always different. Here is my list and brief explanations. Feel free to tweak for your core values and what is important to you in this season! This list will grow your spirit + soul + body!

1. Room & Ready: Even if you stay home all day…it is important to always make your bed, tidy your room, and get ready for your day. Even putting on your shoes. You would be surprised how this will make you more productive and feel better about your day. 2. Grow: Spend time (even 10 minutes or 1 chapter) on reading, studying, or researching a topic that you want to learn & grow in. 3. Work Out: Even if just 15-20 minutes a day. Don’t forget about free resources like online workouts, you tube, Roku, and free exercise lists. 4. God-Time: Connect with God through prayer, Bible study, quiet time, thankfulness, worship, journaling and reflection. We all connect differently. Find what works for you. 5. Clean / Organize: Spend 10 minutes doing a quick tidy of the house. Then another 10 minutes cleaning or organizing something. Do this each day and soon you will have all corners of your house organized. 6. Cook / 3 Healthy Food Decisions: I do not like to cook. I am a “Baker” (my last name…haha), so I like to bake…well really, I like to eat baked goods. It is especially a struggle being pregnant for me to cook. This is why I have to put it on my list. Even if I don’t cook that day, I try to make at least 1 healthy food decision at each meal…example: water instead of lemonade, medium fry instead of large fry (you think I’m kidding), grilled chicken instead of fried chicken sandwich. This gives me small wins, which helps motivate additional good decisions. 7. Refresh Self: Do something that you enjoy and energizes you. I call this “me-time”. The best gift you can give others is a healthy you! When you are energized, you have something to give others. 8. Refresh Others: Do something that will energize or encourage someone else. A text of thoughtfulness or encouragement to a friend, a small gift for a loved one, an act of service for someone. “It is better to give than to receive.” You will become less selfish and negative and more grateful for what you have when you intentionally focus on refreshing others daily. 9. Take a Walk: Walking can benefit your spirit + soul + body. It burns calories, builds good posture, and gives you a chance to connect with neighbors, family members (including dog) who go on walks with you, and God’s creation! We are blessed to have some of our NEIGHbors be horses, donkeys, chickens, sheep, and goats!

Love & Blessings, ​Tiffany Jo Baker



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