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Making the Most of Moments...


House-breaking a puppy is no joke.

As I sat on the swing in the back yard watching her run around, waiting for her to circle a chosen spot before she squatted, my mind started drifting to all the things...

What do we have for lunch... Boy, my legs need sun... The lawn could use a weed treatment... Wonder where everyone is going as I listened to the cars passing on the busy road next to our house...

Seemingly out of nowhere I found myself humming a familiar old church tune..."You oh Lord are my strength my shield, to you oh Lord may my spirit yield..."

I began enjoying the swing set no longer used by our teenage girls.

Humming... swinging... and then soon closing my eyes to soak it all up. I paused for a moment, wondering if our neighbors were watching this ridiculous sight out their windows and over the fence, but then I relaxed once again into the moment. We all did. Behind me our older dog and the new puppy had laid down in the grass, soaking up the sun too. Legs out and face-up, I swung and continued to hum, meditating on the words, "You oh Lord are my hearts desire and I long to worship you." During the tune of the next verse I began to quietly sing a prayer, remembering each person and prayer request that I saw in my mind, eyes still closed while on the swing.

It was a brief, but powerful moment, when I was able to tune out the noise of the cars, political pandemic and back yard spotted with weeds and puppy poop, to allow my spirit, soul and body to be all-in the holy moment... completely refreshed by The Son.

Don't miss these moments friend. Make them happen if you have to.

It may happen in your closet while getting ready in the morning...In your car waiting to pick up a prescription... Or at your computer while on hold on your phone.

"He refreshes my soul." Psalm 23:3a

Friend, keep your cup full and your face-up, so you can continue to do what you are called to do and be refreshed by The Son.

Cheering you on,




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