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Share Your Message and Be the Best Podcast Guest Ever

Knowing God had released me to pursue the dreams and call He had put on my heart decades earlier, I interviewed in 2017 for an internship with a Christian author, speaker and podcaster. After they looked over my application, we met on Zoom for an interview. About half way through they offered me the Podcast Producer role. I excitedly accepted, got offline, and quickly listened to my first podcast ever. That's right, I had never listened to a podcast, but because of my transferable leadership and organization skills, was put over their two weekly podcasts.

That's how my journey began and how God often works through our weaknesses.

Since then I have started my own podcast, helped others start theirs, been behind the scenes of many as a producer and team lead, and been a guest on dozens. I have learned over and over that podcasting is an amazing strategic tool to share our God-given messages and a powerful business building platform.

With almost 2 million podcasts and 60% of podcast listeners making purchases from ads and information heard about on episodes, using podcasts to share your message and build your business is perfect for ministry leaders, entrepreneurs, authors, and speakers.

Not every online professional is called to start their own podcast, but everyone can be a guest. Utilizing what I've learned from the best-of and worst-of podcast pitch submissions I've received and my experiences behind and in front of the mic, I've created a workshop to help you become the best podcast guest ever.

The Guest Podcasting Workshop:

The Platform Perks + How-To's of Pursuing Podcasts to Share Your message

Tips + Templates to

  • create a podcast pitch email that stands out

  • be the best guest ever, and

  • make the most of guest podcasting opportunities to grow your platform

Remember the internship that started my podcasting career? Well, I still work with them and now am a paid member of their leadership team over their podcasts. Recently I was asked to be a guest on one of her podcasts! Together we recorded a 4-part mini series on how to be an amazing podcast guest. Kathi Lipp and I break it down for what to do to get booked, prepare for the interview, during the interview, and after the interview. You won't want to miss this series on The Writing at the Red House Podcast with Kathi Lipp! (And if you are someone who is considering starting a podcast, Kathi has an amazing resource that I used for my hands-on podcast training when I joined her team...7 Days to a Published Podcast. You can get it in the show-notes of the episodes above!)

Let me know any questions you have. I'm cheering you on!

Happy Podcasting,


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Book a coaching session and get a simple strategy so you can focus on what matters most in your life, relationships, ministry or online business.

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In this 31-day devotional, relatable stories and bite-sized nuggets of wisdom provide peace and purpose in the morning moments with God.

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This on-demand workshop will teach you how to pitch a podcast and make the most of each Guest Podcasting opportunity to spread your message and mission.

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