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Taking the Chaos Out of the Holidays Before It Hits

Every year the four of us take a mental health day off of work and school to enjoy a family fun day at the State Fair of Texas, the biggest state fair in the United States and just 35 minutes from our house (give or take with Dallas traffic)

Since it was Columbus Day, the entire Dallas/Fort-Worth Metroplex seemed to have the same idea. Being the pros that we are, we headed straight to our fav fair food, hidden in the German tent: Hot Black Forest Ham and Cheese Sandwich on a Hot Pretzel Bun with a side of Tornado Fries.

We grabbed the free treat in the Dairy building (this year yogurt) and caught the pig races complete with performances by Brad Pig, Nancy Piglosi and Lindsay LoHam.

Then we enjoyed the shopping tents, Brian's fav...the truck show, snapped a pic with Big Tex and experienced the Horseplay show.

And topped it off with desserts like Honey and Pineapple whip and fried cookie dough. YUMMY!

This annual day trip has become a family favorite and provides lots of laughs and moments that have become fond memories. That's what traditions are all about!

Did you know that 52 percent of Americans try to replicate traditions and holidays from their childhood?

  • A third (32 percent) are continuing traditions from their grandparents and 27 percent carry on traditions from their great-grandparents or before

  • Thirty-two percent partake in an annual Black Friday shopping trip

  • Sixteen percent of Americans grew up with the tradition of wearing matching pajamas with someone else in their family on the morning of the holiday

With the busyness of the holidays quickly approaching I wonder how many of us really need to re-evaluate our traditions and our expectations?

Yesterday I talked with my friend and featured "Women with a Why" on Instagram this week and we shared 3 Tips for Right-Sized Expectations For the Holidays! It is a quick, yet nugget-packed video of something you can do TONIGHT to set up your holiday for less chaos and more connection. Watch with us:

I would love to hear how your family responds to tip #1! Send me a quick email, message on Instagram or comment below! May your holidays be full of the things that matter most to you and your family.

Cheering you on,


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