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Two Things To Do On The Way To Your Dreams

>>>I’m so excited for you to hear from one of my friends today. Her name is Paige Dickinson. I hope the simple, but powerful truths she gives will help you have peace and direction as you continue to fight for your God-given dreams and desires. Tiffany<3 *************** Have you ever gone to an open house (not for school but for a house that’s for sale) and the only way to find your destination was by following the “OPEN HOUSE THIS WAY” signs along the way?

I was taking a walk in my neighborhood on a beautiful Sunday afternoon when I saw several signs for an open house. As I kept seeing these signs along my path, I felt God impress on my heart, “Getting to your dreams is just like that, Paige. You don’t know exactly where the house is, and you can only follow the signs along the way to get there.”

But if you’re anything like me, you prefer to have the full step-by-step process for anything in life. It’s comforting because it’s already figured out, you just have to do it. So, doing life with Jesus can be hard because He doesn’t give you the full step-by-step process. Instead, He gives you one step a time requiring a whole lot of faith and trust on your end in between each step. What I’ve learned are these two things:

1. Keep doing what you know to do, and God will tell you when it’s time to take a turn, just like those open house signs do.

2. Be attentive to God’s voice (how He leads you) so you can “hear” when He tells you it’s time to turn.

During my walk on the way to that open house were several turns to take, and sometimes there were stop signs as well. You see, on your way to your dream there will be times when you just keep going straight (keep doing what you know to do), and then there are going to be times to pause or to take a turn (being attentive to God’s voice). And only you and God will know what the pause or turn is, but as you keep your focus on Him and not everything else around you, you’ll see that He never will direct you to your dreams wrongly.

If you have a dream in your heart and you’re getting frustrated because you don’t know what to do next to make it happen (I’m already raising my hand), let this encourage you: God is the best GPS for our life and our dreams. Rest knowing that He knows exactly where to go and that He will give you the proper directions when it’s time.


Paige is a California born, Texas living woman passionate about helping others discover who they are in God through her writing. She lives in Frisco, Texas and works full time as the Project Coordinator at Elevate Life Church. She loves to use how God has radically changed her life to show others that He can do the same for them. If you want to get to know her more, you can visit her website or visit her on Instagram— @paigedickinson. ******** >>If you are in the fight for your God-given dreams and desires and feel stuck or ready to give up, I have just the thing to help you keep going! Subscribers get instant access to my Don’t Quit Survival Kit, full of 17 pgs of soul-care, self-care, and dream-care goodness. Get yours for free here. Tiffany<3



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