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The Leverage Your Writing Worksheet (Free w/ Code: Free

The Leverage Your Writing Worksheet (Free w/ Code: Free

Your plate may be full and schedule over-booked, but you still need to show up and share content online to spread your God-given message and mission.


What if I told you that you didn't need to re-create the wheel (or social media post) each time. What if what you have already written or the things that are easy and energy producing for you to create can be leveraged into multiple forms of content?


The Leverage Your Writing Worksheet is a perfect tool to help you leverage and repurpose your work and check more things off your list quicker! For the full instructions and a simple social media strategy and system for writers, check out the on-demand Upcycle Write Online Toolbox + Training to help you Leverage Your Writing and Find Your Voice on Social Media.


Worksheet is Free with Code: Free


Terms *

*Worksheet not to be reproduced or shared without permission of Tiffany Jo Baker LLC***


*You will receive the worksheet printable after you check-out in the "Thank You Page" as well as via email*

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