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Spring, your season for rejuvenation, renewal and regrowth!

It’s that time of year. Springtime. The amazing season between the dark cold of winter and the intense heat of summer. It’s my favorite. I love jeans and t-shirt weather and when the landscape changes to green grass, budding flowers and colorful plants. It feels so good to be outside in the gentle warmth of the sun in the Spring.

It’s also the time of year that is characterized by rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth. It isn’t a coincidence that Easter, Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday jumpstart this pivotal season.

It’s such a critical time of year for all of us.

You may be coming out of a dark and cold season of life and looking hopeful to the next season that may be full of promise and expectation. This is the time to get over the last season and ready for the next season. This is your season to renew, grow and bloom.

Let’s set you up for success and take complete advantage of Springtime and the season of rejuvenation! Think about it, what rejuvenates you? What feeds you? I’m talking about feeding your soul, which includes your mind, will and emotions. There are four areas of life that you should focus on to feed your soul and bloom during this season:

There are people that will feed your soul. Who are those people? Spend time with them!

There are places that will feed your soul. Where are these places? Church, a park, ocean, mountains? Take a trip and visit often.

There are purposes that will feed your soul. What can you do that is worthwhile and fulfilling? Serve the homeless, host a foreign exchange student, give a smile, be a friend, change a life.

And finally, there are perspectives that will feed your soul. How can you reframe your life or situation? You can’t control a lot in life, but you can control how you see it and talk about it.

With these four areas of focus, you can take this simple concept from nature and use it to thrive. This is your season of renewal, growth and bloom. Be intentional and enjoy it! Hugs, Tiffany



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